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Voluntary Services are services that your ally offers for free, subject to availability. "Collaboration" is one of our core values, and to us, it means giving back to our community by helping each other, not only to support our ecosystem but to grow and live with purpose. We are constantly looking for heroes with a heartfelt drive to make a positive impact in our community, we just ask you to be mindful of your ally’s generosity, make sure you will take full advantage of their time before you book.

"Transparency" is another of our core values, that's why all costs associated with your request are visible upfront. We charge a very low fee to cover the support we bring in each transaction, we are not here to connect you with allies, we are your biggest ally to build relationships. Most of the service marketplaces charge 30% of the Service rate, and the provider increases the Service Rate to charge that fee to their clients. Our service rate is standard based on the service and your Ally's experience, to give you peace of mind when you book a service with us.

You can ask Blu an unlimited number of questions per month, however, you just can't ask them all in one day. This helps us to keep the quality of our conversation higher and to discuss topics that really help you move forward with confidence based on your roadmap. Usually, after several questions during a short timeframe, the conversation becomes just a chat without a clear purpose.

Sure, you can request on-demand services at any time. However, with a membership, you will save money and time by having access to Blu, your personalized mentor.